About us


The Cape Shifters are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, predominantly from the Western Cape region. Though mainly Sportbike lovers, there are a few adventure bike riders who partake in tours and breakfast runs, rides range from Houtbay to Rooi-Els. Though a relatively small community, the Cape Shifters are a rather active group around the greater Cape Town area.


What do we love doing?

Riding is what we do, we enjoy wheelies and stoppies and everything in between. As we are a small group we do not battle with the issues of much larger runs and can be much more dynamic with the people we ride with.  Meeting new people on the way is always a nice bonus and is how we have grown over the years.



Where do we do it


Though we ride all over Cape town, our favorite place has to be Rooi-Els, if not for the majestic view the definitely for the twisty curves that lurk behind the winding coast that makes Rooi-Els always feel like a "fresh" visit. Aside from that one pretty much every mountain pass or coastal drive you can think of but we avoid the straights in most cases.